AllianceBlock Partners With Crunchbase To Bring Powerful Business Data To DeFi For The First Time

AllianceBlock, an end-to-end decentralized finance solutions provider, has today announced a partnership with Crunchbase, a prospecting platform powered by best-in-class proprietary data.

The partnership will see Crunchbase take foot in the decentralized world by making its store of invaluable data available to AllianceBlock’s Data Tunnel users. Data Tunnel is envisioned as the foundation of a global, circular data economy that facilitates information sharing, analysis, integration and revenue-sharing between individuals and businesses in a decentralized way, without intermediaries. Above all else, Data Tunnel is designed to be a collaborative and open ecosystem where all users are rewarded for their participation, whether adding data, enriching it, combining it with more information, or improving its quality.

Crunchbase helps more than 75 million dealmakers discover, qualify, track and engage with the right opportunities, enabling them to search less and close more deals. Adding its rich business insights to AllianceBlock’s Data Tunnel promises to be a game-changer that will accelerate innovation in the world of DeFi. In this way, Crunchbase’s insights will become far more accessible to blockchain businesses and developers. Crunchbase brings powerful business data, and combined with the other contributors to the Data Tunnel, development teams can create novel internal applications such as default probability models, customer acquisition profiles, maps of untapped markets, and more.

Rachid Ajaja, CEO and Co-founder of AllianceBlock, said “The buying and selling of data is a multi-billion dollar growth industry that shows no signs of slowing down. However, until now, decentralized and centralized data providers and users have operated in siloes, unable to interact. There is significant demand for a means for decentralized and centralized actors to buy and sell data from one another seamlessly. With the addition of Crunchbase’s world-leading business data to the Data Tunnel, AllianceBlock is filling this demand and allowing the industry to realize its full potential while encouraging new actors to join the movement. This is a huge step for AllianceBlock that will have major ripple effects on the entire ecosystem of our solutions and partners.”

The collaboration between AllianceBlock and Crunchbase showcases the unique potential of the nascent, decentralized data-sharing industry. By building seamless gateways from traditional data sources into the DeFi sector, AllianceBlock’s Data Tunnel creates new opportunities for both audiences.

About CrunchBase

Crunchbase is a prospecting platform powered by best-in-class proprietary data. It helps over 75 million dealmakers discover, qualify, track, and engage with the right opportunities so they can search less and close more. To learn more, visit and follow Crunchbase on Twitter @crunchbase.

About AllianceBlock

AllianceBlock is an infrastructure provider for decentralized tokenized markets. It empowers businesses with liquidity provisioning and allows them to compliantly issue, manage, and trade tokenized, digital assets including real-world assets (RWAs).

The AllianceBlock ecosystem of partners, clients, and ventures consists of top stakeholders from the financial industry, as well as the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. Their unique product suite complies with global regulations and seamlessly integrates with legacy systems.