Business Development Update: Community Engagement, Bitcoin Research Campaign

Much has happened in the last weeks, as our team has announced many partnerships and in-depth tech updates. We also launched the Bitcoin Research Campaign and did a variety of  AMAs, one in our Telegram group

It is needless to say that the Business Development and Ecosystem teams have been very active and this is a good moment for an update.

Community Support

We would like to thank those community members who have reached out to us with suggestions and connections to projects that might be of interest to Nuklai. After intros facilitated by community members, we are in advanced conversations with some contacts. 

That support is very welcome. If you have a connection for Nuklai in mind,  please reach out to us directly or through our community managers.

Bitcoin Research Campaign

We also want to thank our community for engaging with the Bitcoin Research Campaign. Your participation is vital to business development and the ecosystem. 

Your input also provides a good showcase of how our infrastructure and product works. In addition to that, it showcases the potential and the benefits to our partners.

We therefore urge everyone to join this campaign. Your contributions help us directly in our conversations with partners.

Recap from Startup Autobahn

We attended the DXC deep dive for startup autobahn, where we had in-depth discussions with OEMs. We have followed up on these conversations. 

The beauty of this event is every company's willingness to work closely with the selected startups. Based on some follow-up conversations, we are looking for companies willing to pay for vehicle data.

Based on the conversations we had with the participants of Startup Autobahn and other business partners, we continue to finetune our offering to B2B clients. By taking an active role in these ecosystems, we can further develop Nuklai’s services. 

Another interesting development is that we are being contacted by companies that have been following us for quite some time. They now know how to find us when they have a business need. As the saying goes, if you want to feed yourself, plant the seeds!

Moving on to follow-up notes, we have had conversations with projects and services that identify with Nuklai's position. We hope we can share something soon about these developments.

Nuklai Partnerships Update

To start us off on our recent partnerships list is Omnicia. Omnicia's core business is Web3 security, with extensive expertise in blockchain security auditing. They will create and set up a robust security framework for our L1 by developing the first Nuklai security audit program. 

We have also partnered with the strategic management consultancy firm INCITE Consulting. INCITE will provide its expertise in developing data and AI projects for APAC markets. 

We announced our first academic partnership with Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (HU). This collaboration will explore the development of Proof of Concepts (POCs) for efficient data sharing within academic institutions for research processes and innovation. 

The next milestone is our collaboration with the Big Data Protocol (BDP). Their DeFi protocol sources private data from over 22,000 professional data providers. We will expand our data sources by tapping into their expansive network as we, in turn, provide them with our platform for data management. 

As you well know, we have also partnered with Nuant, a risk management firm for institutional digital asset investors. Their DeFi protocol data will enrich our data ecosystem with DeFi data. 

Additionally, you have read about our recent agreement with SelfChain. By publishing data from Self Chain's ecosystem on the Nuklai platform and opening it up to enhancement by our community and ecosystem partners, we will enable new insights and DeFi innovations.

After SelfChain, our collaborations with and were established. We were fortunate to hold an X Space with both partners, which showcased the unique benefits these DePINs bring into our collaborative ecosystem.'s trustless compute network opens doors for potential growth in the Indian smart data market, while's 24,000-strong GPU clusters network brings choice and a variety of computing power to our community. 

Our partnerships are either ecosystem, integration, or data provider-oriented. Self Chain, for instance, is one of our first ecosystem partners. 

Our integration partners include technology implementation partners and consultancy firms like INCITE that will integrate Nuklai with their Web2 clients.

Then, our data provider partnerships with platforms like the Big Data Protocol will contribute directly to our data ecosystem by providing data directly or indirectly.
Stay tuned for more partnership updates. We are currently in the hypergrowth phase and rapidly expanding our ecosystem.
We also have many more business development updates coming up as we shape our ecosystem into the revolution of the data economy, disrupting the status quo step by step.