Business Development Update: From the BD and Ecosystem Desk

Since our last update, the Nuklai BD and Ecosystem teams have had some interesting weeks. We attended Token2049 and worked on various data-sharing use cases with traditional partners. 

We also gathered feedback from our implementation partners and did our very first ecosystem talk on ‘X’ with our partner, Ponder. Allow us to update you on the high-level process and developments we have had so far.


One thing that has become increasingly clear is that our story resonates well with both our Web3 and traditional audiences. 

Most of the people our team interacted with during Token2049 had already heard about Nuklai, so they could quickly envision practical use cases. 

Our community has been creating a buzz around our ecosystem brand, which has helped spread our smart data vision. 

At the event, we spoke with many, mainly Web3, projects from various industries. Our contacts ranged from Node as a Service all the way to the gaming industry. We also spoke with other L1s and companies operating in automotive.

We found (early) touchpoints in every conversation, which we will explore in the upcoming weeks. We are confident that this event will result in more and new partnerships.

A Growing Ecosystem

In the past month, we have attracted many new partners and enterprise builders. We have also updated our ecosystem website/page. It now shows many great partners who are part of our data ecosystem. You can view it here.

We will update this web page regularly so you can always see the latest partners we have added to our ecosystem. After all, a stronger ecosystem results in a stronger offering to our customers, whether they be Web3 or traditional.

Implementation Partners

In the past few weeks, we have also experienced the growing importance of having strong implementation partners. Teaming up with great organizations like INCITE, CubeMatch, and Seven Labs enables us to explore unexplored territory. 

In our conversations we are already exploring early business cases. Our long-term growth depends on enabling any industry to benefit from better data sharing, collaboration, and monetization. 

For instance, via CubeMatch, we have a front row position when their financial service clients seek a platform for smart data and data sharing. Then, we will be SevenLabs' preferred enterprise-level AI adoption partner for their clients, assisting them in realizing their AI ambitions.

INCITE Consulting is a strategic management consultancy. Together, we will expand the use of AI and data in the APAC markets. 

What we are building resonates very well with our implementation partners, who are well-equipped to help us reach our goals and strategic objectives.

The Most Important Updates

In the past few weeks, we have discussed potential long-term collaborations that will develop a generic solution that we (with our) partners can resell. So, these new types of partnerships will all be about developing use cases on top of the existing foundation of Nuklai. 

With that in mind, we are developing two use cases, one for IoT and one for farmers. 

IoT applications can use Nuklai to interact trustlessly with other IoT devices. Our infrastructure also allows their owners to monetize the IoT data. 

The generic idea for IoTs would be to run Nuklai SDK from an IoT device. The solution would sign the data and store the signature on-chain for future data integrity validation. 

Then, its governance and monetization features would grant access to this data by subscription or one-time payment or companies can use the consortium feature for enhanced collaboration on this data. 

We are developing the second use case with a similar vision: resale of the use case. In this case, the idea is to develop a simple way to generate farmer data. Our solution will ask them to use an app to capture simple day-to-day farming decisions. 

Then, it will combine this input with IoT data from specific instruments like water levels meters. With this method, we will enhance the existing community data set feature with an app developed by one of our partners.  It will capture valuable data for industry giants like BASF and Bayer. 

Besides that, we are receiving help from community members to see how we can apply Nuklai in the waste disposal industry. There is no clear outlook yet, but we have some angles on which to focus our BD efforts. This type of help and introductions are very much appreciated and makes it easier to create real life use cases. 

Last but not least, we have updated our business pitch deck. The marketing department is working hard to get the Nuklai for Business sector of the website ready. 

As many of you can see, our website's partner section is up and running. Check it out for a better view of the nature of our partnerships! 

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