Calling Data Enthusiasts: Submit, Browse, and Request Data in the New Collaborative Marketplace

One of the most powerful forces driving innovation and solutions to global challenges is data.

People, organizations, and businesses that learn to use the data that surrounds them to go forward will thrive.

The current data landscape is fragmented, exclusive, and often presents a challenge, with a noticeable gap between the supply and demand of valuable data. Many who seek specific data find it difficult to access, while those that possess data, may not have the right platform to connect with interested parties to form collaborations.

Welcome to Nuklai: Our data marketplace is the meeting point for organizations and data enthusiasts. It's all about simplifying data exchange, connecting data providers with those in search of valuable insights.

As the launch date of the Beta version of Nuklai is coming up, we start by enabling the Bulletin Board feature. This user-centric part of the Nuklai marketplace will allow users to actively browse, comment and submit data requests.

The first users of the Bulletin Board will get a head start at developing their data profiles, opening them up for new possibilities for their data needs and collaborations after the release of the Beta.

In this article, you will find out the importance of the Bulletin Board feature, how you can start using it today, and what to expect next.

Bulletin Board is the Beginning of a Vibrant Community of Data Enthusiasts

We have several major businesses as partners of Nuklai such as Crunchbase and SSA Group, who are ready to start submitting their data sets on our upcoming, collaborative data marketplace.

These partnerships support the platform's commitment to a diverse data repository that caters to various user needs, supporting the platform's emphasis on strict data privacy policies necessary for highly regulated industries.

Safe to say, the platform’s upcoming full release will invite new waves of enterprise-level partners. At the same time, we are excited to take active steps to invite a community of data enthusiasts. That’s where the Bulletin Board comes in.

Data Bulletin Board - Start Participating in the Data Marketplace Today

The Data Bulletin Board emerges as the first feature within Nuklai. Put simply, this feature allows data enthusiasts to actively look for the data they need, and propose datasets asked for by other members of the community.

This feature encourages community engagement, allowing users to share their data needs and creating a space for passionate data enthusiasts.

This feature is tailored for the community of data enthusiasts, encouraging them to engage and contribute to the platform actively.

The initial users of the Bulletin Board will have a head start in building their data profiles, paving the way for potential new revenue streams and business partnerships.

How to Use the Nuklai Bulletin Board

Exploring the Data Bulletin Board:

When arriving on Nuklai’s landing page you can click the “request data” button to immediately go into the data overview. Please bear in mind - we are currently undergoing a rebrand, which means you may still find elements of our previous designs or name, Data Tunnel, throughout the website.

Develop Your Data Profile for Easy Matches with Institutional Partners

Users have the ability to create individual profiles within Nuklai. This feature is key in the future of the collaborative data marketplace.

With the launch of the full version of Nuklai and the entry of enterprise data like that of Crunchbase, or SSA Group, the individual profiles and specifications of data lovers will be directly matched with the data needs of these businesses.

This opens up direct ways of collaboration and new ways for data lovers to make money if they find a data match with an institutional partner of Nuklai.

To set up your profile, go to the menu and click on Settings, under the Settings tab you will find the profile page.

Making your first Data Request

To make a request click the ‘Create Request’ button. A pop up will show up where you can choose a title for your request, some description of the request and the minimum and maximum price in USDC you would be willing to pay for a monthly subscription to access this data. When you have filled all this information you are able to publish your request.

If you still want to edit something after submitting your request, you can click on the edit button. If you want to delete the request, simply click delete.

That’s it. You have just successfully submitted your request for data!

Replying to a Data Request

After you’ve set up your profile, you can click on “Request Data” in the menu in order to go to the overview of data requests. There, you can inspect the demand for current datasets, as well as submit your own.

In order to review requests, in the data request screen you can browse the requests. If a request for data is potentially interesting you can click on it to view it in more detail. You can see here what the minimum and the maximum price the requestor is willing to pay for this data and you can also read comments of other users or leave feedback yourself.

If you want to respond to a data request, or you have data that you’d like to host on the Beta version of the Nuklai, please send an e-mail to

Upcoming Features: Full Beta Launch, More Business Data, and Data Monetization

The introduction of the Bulletin Board feature is an important first step for Nuklai, offering a preview of what's to come with our Beta launch. This feature emphasizes the need for Nuklai to connect people through data, laying the groundwork for a more interactive and connected data marketplace.

As the platform evolves and gets closer to the main release, this feature underlines its commitment to democratizing data, empowering users, and enabling an inclusive and innovative data economy.

For more exciting features and milestones follow us on X, this includes the full platform launch, new partnership announcements, and an ability for data enthusiasts to monetize their contributions to this new data economy.

About Nuklai

Nuklai is a collaborative data marketplace and the infrastructure provider for data ecosystems. It brings together the power of community-driven data analysis with the datasets of some of the most successful modern businesses.

The marketplace allows both grassroots data enthusiasts and institutional partners to find new ways to put untapped data to use and find new revenue streams. Our vision is to unify the fragmented data landscape by providing a user-friendly, streamlined, and inclusive approach to sharing, requesting, and evaluating data for key insights, better processes, and new business opportunities, empowering next generation Large Language Models and AI.

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