Calling Developers: Join Nuklai's Upcoming Bug Bounty Program

The launch of Nuklai is coming soon and our vision to unify the fragmented data landscape is well underway.

We’re beyond humbled by the record-breaking sale of the NAI token and the faith of our community in the future of blockchain-based data economies. You can learn about the remaining funding round for NAI here.

Right now, we are working tirelessly on polishing the infrastructure and the web application of the initial version of the Nuklai platform.

However, the current set of smart contracts (written in Solidity) plays an important role in the current operation of the ecosystem and maximum security of user's funds is crucial in the bridging period. Lastly, we envision Nuklai as a developer-orientated ecosystem, open to contributors.

Prior to the launch of Nuklai’s decentralized network, is the integration with Avalanche and the set of smart contracts that will power the Nuklai ecosystem.

These smart contracts are responsible for managing data governance, and activity tracking, as well as ensuring a fair and transparent distribution of the revenue datasets will generate for their owners and contributors.

Concerning the development of the Nuklai Network itself, we are currently in the research phase. The outcome of this phase will determine the architecture that will be selected to go forward. To date, the Nuklai network will likely not be EVM-compatible, and thus will not work with smart contracts developed in Solidity.

Therefore, we have made the repository of the Nuklai smart contracts public and they can be found here on GitHub. In addition to that, we are kicking off the start of the Nuklai Bug Bounty program. This program will encompass all parts of Nuklai's ecosystem and will take place over the different phases of the development that will take place.

How to report a bug?

Send an email to Clearly state the issue you found, one sentence is usually not enough. Come up with examples, proof of concepts and screenshots or videos if applicable. If you are the first to report a confirmed bug, you will be automatically registered for a bounty.

The Phases of Development of the Nuklai Network

Phase 1:

  • The launch of the initial version of the platform. The first version will be launched in beta on the Avalanche C-Chain Mainnet.
  • After the initial launch, new features will be released regularly, which can be tracked in Nuklai's official Discord Release channel.
  • Educational content on how to utilize the API, SDKs, the metadata editor, etc., will be gradually released.
  • Developers will be invited to contribute to the open parts of the platform (e.g., the set of SDKs for Nuklai's API).

Phase 2:

  • Definition of Nuklai's Layer 1 Network architecture.
  • Release of the initial testnet.
  • Introduction of Nuklai's wallet, block explorer, and interoperability features.

Phase 3:

  • Release of Nuklai's Mainnet.
  • Start defining the architecture of the compute nodes.

Phase 4:

  • Initial release of the fully decentralized Nuklai network on Mainnet.

Kicking off the Bug Bounty Program

With the first repository made public, we invite developers, auditors, and white hat hackers to participate in the first part of the bug bounty program.

Keep in mind that the smart contracts have been audited by Omniscia, the audit report can be found here. In this first stage of the bug bounty program, only this repository is eligible for a bug bounty reward.

The rewards specifically for smart contract issues are structured as follows:

  • Severe/Critical:
    Maximum 1 million NAI per issue.
    Only for issues that can lead to loss of funds, or taking over control over the overall governance or specific datasets.
  • Medium:
    Maximum 100,000 NAI per issue.
    Only for issues that can brick a dataset (meaning, that it can no longer be interacted with, but not necessarily lead to a loss of funds) or can lead to loss of governance, and manipulation of metadata on-chain of datasets.
  • Low:
    Maximum 25,000 NAI per issue.
    Only for issues that can lead to errors that hinder the user experience.
  • Informational:
    In the range of 0-5000 NAI per issue.
    For issues that do not impact the security of the platform or compromise its integrity. For example: typos in the source code or error messages, gas optimizations, etc.

What’s Next: Nuklai API, SDK, and Programmatic Dataset Management

The Nuklai API will be documented, and additionally, we invite developers to contribute by adding SDKs for different programming languages that abstract the API, but also example codebases that show to leverage the API to programmatically manage for example community datasets (especially welcome in the field of IoT, focused on DePIN integrations).

For more information about how you can contribute to Nuklai, what kind of developer challenges will be released, and what kind of rewards could potentially be involved, we invite all developers to join Nuklai's official Discord Developers channel.

About Nuklai

Nuklai is a collaborative data marketplace and the infrastructure provider for data ecosystems. It brings together the power of community-driven data analysis with the datasets of some of the most successful modern businesses. The marketplace allows both grassroots data enthusiasts and institutional partners to find new ways to put untapped data to use and find new revenue streams.

Our vision is to unify the fragmented data landscape by providing a user-friendly, streamlined, and inclusive approach to sharing, requesting, and evaluating data for key insights, better processes, and new business opportunities, empowering next generation Large Language Models and AI.

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