Development Update: Nuklai Bitcoin Campaign, Rate Web3 Projects and Testnet

Nuklai's development team has achieved some key milestones. We are looking forward to updating you, our community, on the progress Nuklai has made in this development update.

Community Participation Campaigns

With almost 3000 contributions, the first phase of the Nuklai Bitcoin Research Campaign has come to a close. Now participants can anticipate the upcoming bitcoin halving and see if their submission is closest to the actual price of bitcoin at the halving at

Nuklai will fetch the Bitcoin price from the official Chainlink Oracle on the Avalanche network. Since the estimation of the Bitcoin halving cannot be predicted accurately, we will keep updating our on chain verifier till we get a more accurate estimate, just 24 hours before the halving. Nuklai will publish this source code on Github. You can run the code on your own as a way of verification. After that point in time, Nuklai will announce the winner of the grand prize of 1 whole Bitcoin to the community.  

We will also continue the campaign in a novel format. You can participate by making predictions of BTC's price for each upcoming month.

Every participant contributes to a pool of knowledge reflecting prediction and sentiment information. When this data is purchased and utilized, participants will be eligible to receive USDC rewards for their contributions.

Building on the success of the Bitcoin Research campaign, we invite you to take part in helping mature the industry by scoring Web3 projects of your choice on security, community, technology, and other aspects.

Participants will contribute to a safer Web3 industry and earn USDC rewards for their contributions when subscribers use their data.

Test Environment Nuklai

Nuklai’s platform is now also available and live on Fuji Testnet at This is an open environment where you can experiment with the application without having to use real funds. 

We invite users to experience and test our application. In addition, users can learn how to enrich metadata, upload data, subscribe to datasets, create community datasets and use other functionalities. 

However, note that you will require a wallet installed that’s compatible with the Avalanche network. You will also need some testnet Fuji AVAX, which you can get here

To get started with Nuklai read the documentation here.

Note: we are working on launching a large-scale incentivization program where testnet activity on Nuklai will count towards eligibility, so this is a great opportunity to already get started on exploring the ecosystem to get a headstart on this campaign.

Metadata as a Public Good

We have made a new important integration with Filecoin. We recognize the value of metadata, and in Nuklai’s vision, metadata should be handled as a public good. That means that the metadata should be always available and publicly accessible to everyone. Metadata serves as the additional context on top of the raw structured data. It explains a lot about the data, without revealing the data. Anyone can contribute to metadata on Nuklai, kind of like you could do on Wikipedia, but with Nuklai's metadata contributions you could be rewarded for it!

This move will see all metadata associated with the datasets on our platform securely and permanently stored within the Filecoin network. We will leverage their decentralized storage capabilities to ensure both safe and permanent storage. 

Users can view each piece of metadata by clicking on a dedicated InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) link. 

Upcoming Developments

In response to numerous requests we’ve received, we’re excited to announce that we’re taking steps to allow users to create their own data collection campaigns, like our recent Bitcoin Research Campaign. 

We’ve started developing a new tool called the “page builder.” This tool allows anyone to design their own questionnaires and to monetize these responses via Nuklai. 

The page builder ensures that no matter your skill level, you’ll be able to effortlessly design, customize, and launch your own data collection campaigns. 

Once we have launched our initial version of the page builder, we would like to invite developers to contribute to our code base. Their efforts will also extend the page builder's functionality. 

More information will be provided in future updates, and we look forward to your contributions and campaign initiatives. 

If you are a developer or data professional who wants to get involved or provide technical feedback, join our developer channel here. 

About Nuklai 

Nuklai is a collaborative data marketplace and the infrastructure provider for data ecosystems. It combines the power of community-driven data analysis with the datasets of some of the most successful modern businesses. 

The marketplace allows grassroots data enthusiasts and institutional partners to find new ways to put untapped data to use and find new revenue streams.

Our vision is to unify the fragmented data landscape by providing a user-friendly, streamlined, and inclusive approach to sharing, requesting, and evaluating data for key insights. 

Our ecosystem will power better processes and new business opportunities, empowering next-generation Large Language Models and AI.

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