Development Update: Nuklai API Update, Community Datasets

Development Update: Nuklai API Update, Community Datasets

Nuklai's development team has been working on various internal and external technical initiatives in the last few weeks. We’ve achieved some key milestones have been looking forward to updating you on our progress in this development update.

Internal Marketing Tool Powered by LLM Technology

Nuklai’s development team constantly seeks opportunities to improve our workflows while experimenting with new technology.

For instance, our marketing department must stay current on key news and industry development, especially regarding AI, large language models (LLMs), and data monetization. 

So, the Nuklai development team developed a first Proof of Concept version to spot news articles such as the New York Times vs OpenAI lawsuit. 

An LLM delivers the key insights from these news sources, allowing us to react and spot relevant developments within the data and AI industry.

Once this technology has matured, we will start collecting data on the paths the LLM decides to take with regarding to the news it collects in order to create a new dataset that will be available for free on Nuklai.

Community Participation Events

Then, we have a new initiative underway that first powers the collective insights of our community. It will enable our users to earn from the data they contribute to the so-called "community datasets".

Without diving into the specifics, we will reveal more initiatives to show our community the relevance of community datasets in the coming weeks. 

Nuklai invites all developers and other data enthusiasts to follow the lead and create similar initiatives.

In the meantime, we invite you to contribute data en masse. Your data will help stress test our platform capabilities. 

Follow our Telegram news channel for more information. 


As was mentioned in the previous development update, Nuklai is dedicated to creating an ecosystem that serves developers and data professionals. The latest API improvements allow users to interact with Nuklai technology programmatically. 

For instance, a recent upgrade allows developers to upload and update data through the Nuklai REST API. 

Now, developers do not have to interact with the user interface (UI) while uploading and updating data. In addition to that, they can upload more than 2GB of data, which is our UI’s current limit. 

We are releasing this upgrade soon with documentation on how to use these new API functionalities. However, we will first experiment with the API’s functionality ourselves through our community participation events.

The bottom line is that organizations and individuals can now create automated processes that constantly update the data on the marketplace. Automation surrounding data is now possible.

Future Developments

Next, the Nuklai development team will focus on expanding our data connectors. By doing so, the Nuklai platform will directly connect to data from cloud providers, databases, and data platforms such as SnowFlake and DataBricks.

Expanded connectivity will allow Nuklai to onboard partners such as SSA Group. In our ecosystem, they will maintain full governance and control over the data within their data environments. 

Subscribers will also query the data through Nuklai’s REST API or user interface, a key enabler in onboarding more data providers on our marketplace. 

If you are a developer who wants to get involved or have technical feedback, get involved in our developer channel here. 

About Nuklai 

Nuklai is a collaborative data marketplace and the infrastructure provider for data ecosystems. It combines the power of community-driven data analysis with the datasets of some of the most successful modern businesses. 

The marketplace allows grassroots data enthusiasts and institutional partners to find new ways to put untapped data to use and find new revenue streams.

Our vision is to unify the fragmented data landscape by providing a user-friendly, streamlined, and inclusive approach to sharing, requesting, and evaluating data for key insights. 

Our ecosystem will power better processes and new business opportunities, empowering next-generation Large Language Models and AI.

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