Nuklai Launches its Enterprise Entity to Focus on the Growth of its B2B Portfolio

As you know, we have made countless diverse, relevant business partnerships in the past few months. Our B2B clients are vital to the growth of our smart data ecosystem.  

Our enterprise partners provide the essential ingredients for the smart data ecosystem. They supply the expertise, support, and high-quality data that fuel our vision. 

We already have innovative companies like Crunchbase, Datomize, and SSA Group onboard. We also have robust partnerships with implementation businesses. Our data and AI strategy integration partners include CubeMatch Ltd, Incite Consulting, and SevenLabs.

Our role is to offer the expertise and infrastructure that bring our enterprise partners' data strategies to life. As we do so, their clients will have meaningful exposure to our ecosystem.

This virtual flywheel will bring more data providers and consumers into the ecosystem. As we launch into our Hypergrowth Phase II, we are happy to announce the launch of our enterprise website.

Our enterprise platform, like our recent successes in the Web3 sector, is a product of focused exploration of the data and AI landscape. It blends all our elements into a one-stop, seamless data and AI solution for enterprise uses.

Our enterprise platform is also a vital gateway to our ecosystem. It will draw in more businesses who will add to our data assets. New partners will also onboard their networks and increase our ecosystem revenue.

So, our enterprise gateway is a huge opportunity for every NAI holder and Nuklai network user. 

Nuklai Enterprise is taking Web2 businesses to the future

We continue to explore more conversations with leading Web3 platforms. These innovative platforms will expand the boundaries of innovation in the data landscape. But, our enterprise platform will onboard commercial clients. 

The Web2 sector contains high-quality data, presenting unique innovation opportunities. At the News podcast, our CEO, Matthijs, discussed our partnerships with traditional enterprises. 

Our enterprise platform already has automotive and IoT businesses onboard. These businesses are developing data and AI projects. Here, our expert team guides them in identifying and unlocking data value.

But, we have done more than place our innovative protocols under one roof for enterprise use. We have created an easy user experience platform. Our enterprise solution does not have the complexity of heavy-duty onboarding processes. 

Rather, our enterprise-facing side will assist your organization in:

Data assets organization

We will work with your departments to identify, collect, and organize your best data sources. But unlike other solutions, our processes will keep you in control of your data sources. They will organize your data sources on your premises.

Data assets enhancement

Our smart data infrastructure standardizes, contextualizes, and combines datasets. These processes prepare data for monetization or innovation according to your data strategy.

Enriched dataset activation

Our processes will map your data asset's value and unlock priceless insights. Then, our data marketplace will open dataset sharing, monetization, and AI training opportunities. These prospects will provide first-to-market and revenue-generation benefits.

Our Enterprise arm is a robust solution that enhances our service offering to our enterprise clients. Now, our ecosystem can set businesses on the road towards becoming data-first organizations, faster”. Matthijs de Vries, CEO, Nuklai.

This website is also our initial step in our journey to becoming enterprise experts in this field. For example, our experts share their industry knowledge with other businesses. This sharing of niche expertise will establish a vibrant data and AI ecosystem. 

For instance, our CEO discussed standards for data infrastructure development at a recent Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) conference. 

He said networks should support easy integration with data ingestion and processing tools. Doing so lowers enterprise data processing costs and time, enhancing innovation. 

Our Head of Business Development, Gerben van den Bergh, has also shared his expertise on enterprise data sharing. Our Technical Lead, Bas Wiersma, has shared on organizational data strategy setting.

We will continue to explore more features that blend our expertise with world-class technologies. In the meantime, we are rallying our community members for support. You can speed up the growth of our enterprise community. 

Do you have a connection with a business that could use Nuklai to unlock the true potential of data? Contact us today.

About Nuklai

Nuklai’s infrastructure helps enterprises simplify data access, usage, and understanding. Its smart data ecosystem unlocks data's true potential across organizations. It leverages processes that enhance data systems integration, innovation, and cooperation. 

Its streamlined, easy-to-use data mapping and enhancement processes turn businesses into data-first organizations. Nuklai’s enterprise data platform also links vendors and distributors.

These networks open up data activation opportunities through AI model training. They also present ample data collaboration or opportunities for monetizing datasets with leading businesses.  

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