Nuklai and Ponder Partnership: Creating Synergy Across Data Platforms

The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) landscape is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Web3. With over 1,000 blockchain networks and counting, the number of new dApps has skyrocketed and shows no signs of stopping. 

These innovations are an infinite source of P2P financial ecosystem data for the Nuklai smart data ecosystem. The Nuklai data enthusiasts could enrich the pseudonymous but auditable data for novel AI use cases. However, this data has to be accessible.

Fortunately, Web3 platforms like Ponder are a one-stop source of diverse dApp data. Ponder is a unified crypto operations comparison tool. It displays a dApp user interface that eases connections to the best wallets, exchanges, NFT markets, or bridges.  

As a tool that streamlines and enhances the Web3 user experience, Ponder seamlessly connects users to oracles, dApps, or APIs. In doing so, the Ponder platform collates a significant amount of valuable Web3 data.

Nuklai can unlock the potential of this treasure trove of data. For this reason, we are collaborating with Ponder to open new data business opportunities for our budding ecosystem.

Ponder will connect to the Nuklai feed for data monetization channels. Our partnership will also help Ponder establish a generic standard for relevant data.

Ponder has onboarded many dApps and is integrated with various DeFi bridges. For instance, it offers users access to the Across Protocol, Arbitrum, CelerNetwork, and Polygon.

From Web3 Data to Smart Data on Nuklai

Ponder users can assess, contrast, and execute various DeFi functions. They can compare and contrast dApps' gas fee costs on its UI. Then, they can also execute their transactions via its easy-to-use interface. 

Nuklai’s data enthusiasts will generalize, format, and catalog Ponder’ user intent data to enhance its value.

Then, they can contextualize it, turning it into smart data for AI innovations. Ultimately, our partnership will increase the demand for AI and LLM-driven user intent data.

Nuklai is like a data reactor fusing raw data, standardization processes, and metadata into smart data. Leveraging this, Ponder will be able to combine datasets for better insights and as a source of revenue.

Additionally, Nuklai agrees to actively help Ponder monetize its data. Nuklai and Ponder will also pioneer a generic standard around smart data contribution.

But what does that mean? Think about the impact that the introduction of the Apple App Store in 2008 had on the smartphone market. The app store standardized app development and it gave developers access to a large market.

It also made their apps easy to access and use. Similarly, our smart data standard will regularize data and ease its monetization.

Ponder’s overarching aim is to bring web3 to the layman & streamline it for the experienced user. Partnering with Nuklai means we don't miss a beat in planning for the future whilst also being able to monetize & expand seamlessly.  - Selim Sezgin, Co-Founder of

About Ponder

Ponder is a Web3 solution that brings together EVM and non-EVM platforms. It also connects DeFi protocols, bridges, and marketplaces under one universal framework.

Ponder lowers the complexity and fragmentation of the Web3 space for end users. Its processes tackle liquidity fragmentation and simplify token trading. 

In addition, Ponder eases the comparison of BRC-20 tokens and the exploration of DeFi platforms via its easy-to-use UI/UX.

About Nuklai

Nuklai is a collaborative marketplace and infrastructure provider for data ecosystems. It is also a reservoir for community-driven data analysis. Nuklai brings data editors and the datasets of successful modern businesses into one ecosystem.

Our marketplace enables grassroots data enthusiasts and institutional partners to use untapped data. Enriching idle data generates new revenue streams.

Our vision is to unify the fragmented data landscape. We fulfill this mandate by first providing a user-friendly data-sharing platform. Our frameworks are streamlined and inclusive, easing data request and evaluation.

We also provide better processes and new business opportunities. Our smart data is empowering next-generation large language models and AI. 

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