Nuklai Expands Data Ecosystem with Big Data Protocol Partnership

Our Founder and CEO, Matthijs de Vries recently said that data is no longer just new oil; it’s the oxygen that our economy and society need to progress into the future. 

The data that the Nuklai ecosystem will produce to power Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models (LLMs) will catalyze transformations of a number of key industries. At Nuklai, we believe that the future of AI is in the quality of the data that powers it.

On a mission to unite the fragmented data ecosystem, we have announced partnerships with several key players that can help us feed high-quality data into our marketplace, and as an offering to our institutional partners. These recent partnerships include one in the academic sector through the HU partnership, and access to the largest APAC marketplaces in the world through INCITE.

Today, we are kickstarting another strategic collaboration with Big Data Protocol (BDP), a pioneering DeFi protocol that sources private data from an extensive network of professional data providers. This partnership will give Nuklai access to the data in their ecosystem, and BDP the competitive advantage of Nuklai’s crowd-sourced metadata enhancement for new insights and innovation.

This Partnership Enables Nuklai’s Users and Partners to Access Rich Datasets on the Marketplace

By partnering with Big Data Protocol, the Nuklai ecosystem can tap into a  magnitude of data sources, sourced from a network of over 22,000 professional data providers, from large financial market data firms and exchanges, to newly adopted data companies selling into the capital markets and AI space for the first time.

Our partnership with Big Data Protocol is another step in providing our users and partners with access to vast amounts of high-quality data. At the same time, it helps us become the connector of various data economies and industries, with our infrastructure helping interconnect the fragmented data landscape.

At the same time, BDP’s diverse data sources will be able to benefit from Nuklai’s data management features such as metadata enhancement, data consortiums, and more. This will help unlock new data insights and innovation from their wealth of data.

We are excited to collaborate with Nuklai. Our visions are closely aligned: to stand at the intersection of AI, big data, and Web3.
Peter Chen - Co-Founder, Big Data Protocol.

Big Data Protocol is a great fit for Nuklai's ecosystem and will help both create stronger data economies. Nuklai, BDP and all ecosystem participants benefit from this partnership.
Jochem Herber - Head of Ecosystem, Nuklai.

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About Big Data Protocol

Big Data Protocol is a marketplace intersecting private data, AI and investment research.  Pulled from a network of over 22,000 professional data providers, BDP aims to tokenize private datasets, and create the world's best search engine and matching platform for data buyers and data sellers. Visit their website and X here.

About Nuklai

Nuklai is a collaborative data marketplace and the infrastructure provider for data ecosystems. It brings together the power of community-driven data analysis with the datasets of some of the most successful modern businesses. The marketplace allows both grassroots data enthusiasts and institutional partners to find new ways to put untapped data to use and find new revenue streams.

Our vision is to unify the fragmented data landscape by providing a user-friendly, streamlined, and inclusive approach to sharing, requesting, and evaluating data for key insights, better processes, and new business opportunities, empowering next generation Large Language Models and AI. 

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