peaq, Farmsent, and Nuklai Collaborate to Build a Data-Driven Agricultural Future

In April, we announced a partnership with Farmsent to enhance data sharing and collaboration in the global food supply chain. Inspired by many requests from our community, we have also been working on an integration with the peaq network behind the scenes. 

Our new collaboration is a match made in heaven. First, Farmsent is a leading farmer's blockchain and an excellent source of farming data. They leverage decentralized technologies to optimize the food trade via a digital end-to-end traceability process. 

At least 160,000 farmers have signed up for their middleman-free DePIN and marketplace ecosystem.

Second, the peaq network enables trustless ownership of machines and connected devices via peaq IDs, Self-Sovereign Machine Identities (SSMIs). peaq is the layer-1 for DePIN, the Web3 sector bringing blockchain into real-world industries and economies, and is powering the Economy of Things — the next-generation economy where people and AI-powered machines create and exchange value through trustless on-chain mechanisms.

peaq’s ecosystem of more than 25 DePINs now counts over 400,000 machines, vehicles, and robots. Their technology will provide valuable, trustworthy data for our ecosystem. 

These integrations will support significant shifts in an industry that very much needs it.

Why peaq x Nuklai matters

There is demand for IoT data collaboration and monetization use cases in the growing decentralized machine economy. peaq is at the forefront of DePIN innovation, and its ecosystem is growing fast. 

We are collaborating with peaq to provide our expertise, support and a generic framework for data collaboration, innovation and monetization. Together we will expand integration, and monetization use cases for IoT devices.

Why Farmsent x Nuklai matters

At a recent GBBC conference, our founder, Matthijs de Vries, stated that IoT data holds lots of opportunities. Devices and machines collect 'really interesting data' that is invaluable to the Nuklai ecosystem of data innovators.

For instance, Farmsent is pioneering decentralized product passports (DePPs), currently in beta testing. DePPs uses decentralized ledgers to secure farming supply chain records. On top of that, they provide a tamper-proof and transparent verification system for agri products.

DePPs collect a treasure trove of farmer data, such as the farmer’s input into the food supply chain. These sensors also collect soil health or weather impact data. They gather storage, product details, and farming inputs, such as pesticides or fertilizers, data in a raw format. 

The Nuklai Layer 1 architecture is a specialized data infrastructure network. It will enhance farmers' benefits from the Farmsent network and create more revenue by monetizing their data.

We will also increase farmer’s productivity by helping them learn from other farmers through sharing insights. 

Why Farmsent x peaq x Nuklai is a winning combination for farmers

Farmers generate a lot of data. In the past, IoT providers abused their position by gathering farm data and reselling it. They were the sole beneficiaries of this data. This is especially true in the regions where Farmsent operates, including the MENA region, Indonesia in Southeast Asia, Colombia, and, very soon, Africa. Here, the need for data collaboration is clear. 

This is because climate change affects the kind of produce farmers can grow. Changes in weather conditions dictate which pesticides or fertilizers the farmer should use. 

The magic triangle of Nuklai, peaq, and Farmsent will flip that model. It will give farmers back the power and control over their data. First, the peaq network and Farmsent have integrated to optimize the food supply chain using peaq IDs. Farmsent is integrating self-sovereign peaq IDs for its DePPs. 

peaq IDs provide IoT devices with decentralized identities. This enables peer-to-peer interaction and identification between IoT devices.

For example, soil data, in combination with weather data, can come from peaq-powered DePIN devices. The Nuklai data engine will work its magic and transform the Farmsent DePPs data into actionable insights. 

Secure and seamless flow of reliable data is the lifeblood of the entire IoT sector. This is why I’m very excited that Nuklai’s smart data infrastructure now integrates with peaq’s ecosystem of DePIN innovators. Our joint work on Farmsent is shaping up to be a very promising early use case.” Matthijs de Vries, Founder and CEO of Nuklai

The stakeholders will sell this data to commercial entities to enhance their products. They could also leverage this data to offer more specific region-focused services. Farmsent can also monetize its new smart data datasets on our marketplace, giving its farmer network more value for its data. 

The Farmsent, peaq, and Nuklai synergy is a win-win situation for all our communities. Besides that, our collaborative efforts contribute to the fair development of a data-driven agricultural future.

About Farmsent

Farmsent is at the forefront of real-world applications, with its pioneering product DePPs. driving innovation in agriculture, trade, and supply chain. 

DePPs leverage the blockchain to create a decentralized ledger to secure records and verify the journey of agricultural products. They also offer a transparent and tamper-proof record.

Farmsent's primary emphasis is to empower small farmers and ensure food security. It utilizes blockchain to record every step of the food's journey. Decentralization enhances food safety and traceability. 

Farmsent optimizes middlemen to increase farmers' profits. Doing so also enhances the delivery of fresher produce to consumers. It achieves this by emphasizing three core areas critical for the agricultural industry. These areas include trade, trade financing, and traceability, referred to as the 3Ts.

About peaq 

peaq is the layer-1 blockchain for DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network) and Machine RWAs (real-world assets). It is the backbone of the world's fastest-growing DePIN ecosystem. peaq is a super decentralized, scalable, and green network for any dApps leveraging real-world vehicles, machines, robots, and devices. 

peaq is building an Economy of Things composed of DePINs working across more than 10 industries. Its network is revolutionizing connectivity, mobility, farming, and energy sectors. Their high throughput network could scale into 500,000+ TPS at a low fee of $0.00025 per transaction. 

Their novel peaq IDs blend Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs). Doing so, peaq ID enables anonymity, pseudonymity, privacy, and security for Self-Sovereign Machine Identities (SSMIs).


About Nuklai

Nuklai is a collaborative data marketplace and infrastructure provider for data ecosystems. It combines the power of community-driven data analysis with the datasets of successful modern businesses. 

The marketplace allows grassroots data enthusiasts and institutional partners to find new ways to use untapped data and generate new revenue streams.

Our vision is to unify the fragmented data landscape. We fulfill this mandate by providing a user-friendly, streamlined, and inclusive approach to sharing, requesting, and evaluating data for key insights.

We also provide better processes and new business opportunities, empowering next-generation large language models and AI.  

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