Nuklai Ambassador Program


Just weeks into our Beta launch, Nuklai has leaped into its hypergrowth phase. 

We have released crucial updates, launched community activities, and created valuable partnerships. 

As we begin this new month, we hope that you have sent in your Price Research Dataset prediction to earn USDC on the side and maybe even win that BTC

We also hope that our AMAs have made you more smart-data wise, and that you have earned loot from our bug bounty program.

The rapid growth of our ecosystem is a sign that it is time to bring all hands on deck. For this reason, we are thrilled to announce a fresh and exciting opportunity for our community – the launch of our Ambassador Program

Today, March 12th, we officially announce the start of the Nuklai ambassadors’ program.

What is the Nuklai Ambassador Program?

But first, let us break down what the ambassador program is all about. 

Nuklai ambassadors are community members passionate about our Smart Data ecosystem. As a Nuklai Ambassador, you'll be the face and voice of our community, spreading the word about Nuklai's vision through content creation.

As part of our first batch of ambassadors, your advocacy will bring Smart Data communities together in your local regions. You will also be at the forefront of Nuklai’s ecosystem growth and development, organizing hackathons, meetups and speaking at conferences. 

In the future, you will take part in exclusive Nuklai events.
Your advocacy will support the growth of a strong, dedicated community that will propel Nuklai’s Smart Data Ecosystem to new heights.

Benefits of Being an Ambassador

Becoming a Nuklai Ambassador is a unique chance to grow personally and professionally. You'll gain experience in data generalization and enrichment processes and expand your professional network as you develop new skills. 

Additionally, you'll directly impact the growth and success of Nuklai and its community, contributing to a project that is set to revolutionize the industry.

Rewards for the Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program features different rewards, each tailored to leverage your specific skills and interests:

  • Content Creators: Are you skilled in crafting engaging, informative content? This pool is for creative minds ready to produce compelling articles, videos, and social media posts about Nuklai.
    Rewards for this Pool: Approximately ~$2500 per month allocated to the whole pool in the equivalent of $NAI Tokens (with a cap of $300 per contributor).
  • Data Professionals: This pool is for those with a knack for numbers and analysis. It focuses on leveraging data to enhance and uplift the Nuklai Data Ecosystem!
    Rewards: Approximately ~$1000 per month in the equivalent of $NAI Tokens (fixed bounties, no cap).
  • Advocates: Are you already a contributor in the Nuklai discord and you would like to be actively involved in the building of the Nuklai community? We want to hear from you!
    Advocates will be the driving force in spreading awareness and fostering a strong Nuklai community.
    Rewards: Advocates are rewarded with approximately ~$1500 per month allocated to the whole pool (with a cap of $300 per participant).

How to Participate in the Ambassador Program

If you're ready to take on this exciting challenge, the process to join is straightforward.

We seek passionate individuals with experience in the web3/blockchain space, who have a proven track record in their respective skills and interests area and are ready to commit to growing the Nuklai community.

By joining this campaign, you'll engage in various activities that will not only promote Nuklai but will also reward your efforts and contributions.

Visit the Nuklai Ambassador Form and Submit Your Application Today!


All ambassadors will start receiving rewards after unlocking the Level 4 Role. More specific info on that will be shared soon!

The rewards pay-out will include a one-time payment on TGE and subsequent monthly payments after TGE. All rewards will be distributed in  Nuklai’s Native Token: $NAI with specific unlocking conditions for tokens pre and post-TGE.

We can't wait to see you help us build a vibrant and dynamic community as a Nuklai Ambassador. So, join the smart data revolution and earn $NAI alongside your Nuklai community members.

Start Nuklai’s Ambassador Journey Today!